Lily’s Bridal Portraits | Blacksburg Wedding Photographer

Lily is such a sweetheart with a great sense of vintage style! For example the dress she wore for her bridal portraits was a vintage piece and I got an even better ideal of what a master of antique treasures she is at her wedding where she designed every single last detail herself, most of which was thrifted. She also handmade the birdcage veil herself!

Eva’s Virginia Tech Graduation Photos | Blacksburg, VA Senior Portrait Photographer

So this gorgeous girl might look familiar as her face has graced my blog and website a few times before. Eva is a major sweetheart, I’ve been shooting with her longer than I’ve had a blog for my photography. It was bittersweet taking her Virginia Tech graduation photos, while she is a pleasure to be around, graduation means that she’ll be leaving Blacksburg sooner than later. Thankfully she’s still around, in fact she has done a wonderful job assisting me with two weddings already this summer!

I’ll be sad when she finds a “big girl job” elsewhere, but I know that Eva will go far. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and kindhearted. She’s not bad at being on the other side of the lens either.

Eric + Becca’s Engagement Session | Blacksburg, VA Wedding Photographer

Eric and Becca were the winners of a Facebook contest I had for Valentine’s Day this year, they won a free engagement session! Becca and I went to high school together, we were both in 4H, and if I’m not mistaken I think we were even in the same youth group for a few years. They are a super laid back and fun couple, we spent the entire time goofing around, making faces, and laughing hysterically. We started out at the Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech and worked our way down to the Duck Pond. It was a beautiful day for photos.

Robert + Jennifer’s Claytor Lake Engagement Session | Blacksburg, VA Wedding Photographer

I met up with Jennifer, Robert, and their pup at Claytor Lake State Park for their engagement session. It was one of those days at the start of spring where you want to wear shorts even though it isn’t really warm enough to. Robert in his dress blues, Jennifer in her white lace dress and her sparkly red Tom’s which I kept referring to as her Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz shoes. Looking forward to their wedding this July!

Jordan | Blacksburg Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Jordan, Blacksburg High School class of 2014 . This session took place months ago when it was freezing cold outside and I still had studio space. Only my third time doing senior portraits at an indoor location, while it is nice to have the option to take photos inside on a cold day, I REALLY love to shoot outside in the fresh air with plenty of room to move around and change up the scenery. Maybe I should migrate to Florida for the winters and everyone can come fly down and meet me at the beach for their photo sessions!